Finally. Money to pay a lawyer.
RetainerCredit™ can connect you with a loan to pay or hire a lawyer. Justice could be a one personal loan application away. RetainerCredit™ can try to help people find the funding they need to retain or hire a lawyer and to hopefully help them win their case.

How much justice can you afford?™

Retainer Credit.

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What We Do

We do the heavy lifting. You need a lawyer, you found one you like and don't have the money to pay for their service. ProBono services wont take your case or are unhelpful; Self Help guides are complicated and confusing and you just want a lawyer to handle the problem, that's where we come in - apply for a retainer credit and retain the lawyer you want.

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We Deliver Nationwide Results.

We service the entire United States. From Los Angeles to New York we are the #1 place to get a loan to pay a lawyer. If you get approved, you might be able to hire the lawyer you want to represent you in your potential legal matter. Research has shown that people with private attorneys have a better chance at winning their case. Get the money you need for a lawyer today.